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!Breaking NEWS !! Pinnacle Development Partners CEO released after serving 144 mos.


After serving 10 years Fed time former CEO Gene O’neal will give you the complete facts as to why investors continue to get rich in the world of Real estate. Understand why the same basic methods are still being used today to scheme from the banks and the poor.Why drug convictions numbers are going down while white collar crime will now get an average of 8.5 years, but: yet they still take the risk .Let me give you the reasons why today.

Genes presentations will tell you why:

►  Real estate investing is it a profit or pyramid?

► What was i thinking? A 25% return within 30 days…HOW?

► Raising private funds in 2005 versus crowdfunding in 2018 what’s the difference?

► Stop wasting time on the learning curve of white collar culpability.

► A metro bus pass and  $500.00 how i did it in 1 year.

► How Pinnacle raised $65 million dollars from 2000 investors within 10 months.

► Why are the warning signs still being missed today?

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